Developmental Programs

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Our Developmental programs are for our youngest athletes and those not yet ready to move into an Alpine Racing program.  Children in this group should be able to get on and off the lift by themselves and ski with basic skills independently and proficiently.

Our Developmental Programs all train during the Holiday Camp and the nine Saturdays following the camp.  Training is 9 a.m. to 1p.m. with a short hot cocoa/snack break. Many families stay after training to enjoy a community lunch and unstructured ski time with other families. These athletes will have the opportunity to participate in “fun” races at Greek Peak.

Note: Holiday Camp is included with all Developmental Programs.


The GPSC Gatebusters program is for skiers ages 6 to 9. It focuses on developing children's basic ski skills with an emphasis on fun and safety.  Lead by experienced children's ski coaches, groups will explore the mountain and participate in game-based skill development.  Through guided free skiing and challenge drills, children will gain and refine the fundamental skills necessary for effective parallel turns on a variety of terrain. Our goal is to develop confident and competent skiers who have the skills to continue in our race program. Children will be grouped based on developmental levels. Training will include an introduction to ski racing.

Athletes age 6 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult (parent/ guardian) on the first day of camp (December 27) and the first date of the regular season (January 6) until a full lift evaluation is complete and the athlete demonstrates that they can get on and off the ski lift independently and safely as determined by a GPSC Coach and/or Program Director.


Black Diamond

For ages 10-14, the Black Diamond program is intended for athletes who do not want to move into our Alpine Racing programs, but want to continue training. The program focuses on fun, basic agility, balance and coordination and expands on ski racing techniques.  Our goal is to promote continued skill development and versatility through all-mountain skiing and some introductory ski racing.