Frequently Asked Questions

Why  is there a family fee?

There are a couple of reasons for the family fee.  First it allows us to extend our liability coverage to all family members while at our facilities, not just the athletes.  Second, it allows us to cover a portion of the non-training related expenses such as ultilities, rent, cleaning service and the ever popular hot chocolate and coffee in the A-Frame.

My child is under 6, but is a very good skier.  Can he/she still participate?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept children under 6.

How good a skier does my child have to be?

Our only requirements are that your child can ride the chairlift on their own and ski the Alpha Slope independently. Our developmental programs (Gatebusters & Black Diamond), accept green level skiers and help them develop.

How much will I have to volunteer?

We are a member run club and not a ski school, so we ask all parents to volunteer as much as possible.  At a bare minimum, we ask parents to volunteer at the annual ski swap (our largest fundraiser) and at least one race.

Home Races:  We host 3 to 4 races at Greek Peak each year.  We cannot put on a successful race without the support of our parents.  There are many race day jobs, some require skiing while many do not.  We need at least 30 people to volunteer for each race.

Nets:  Before any race can be held, we need volunteers to set the nets along the race course.  This generally takes several days.  We usually have small groups of parents setting nets while the kids train on weekends and weeknights.  The nets are extremely important in keeping our children safe during the races.

Annual Ski Sale & Swap:  We require all returning families to volunteer at our annual swap.  This is the club's largest fundraiser and pays for nearly half of our annual operating costs.  Without the swap, our program fees would be much higher.  We ask that each family work six three-hour shifts over the weekend of the swap.  Families who cannot volunteer must pay a $350 swap fee (roughly the cost of hiring someone to cover your commitment).

Fall Work Day:  Each fall, we ask families to volunteer to help clean up around the clubhouses, check nets for broken poles or holes, and any specific upkeep tasks to prepare for the upcoming season.  We generally work the morning and fire up the grill in the afternoon to relax.  Kids are encouraged to come and help.

Do we need multiple pairs of skis?

For our developmental programs (Gatebusters and Black Diamond), you only need a single pair of skis.

Read specific equipment requirements for each age group. Proper fitting equipment goes hand-in-hand with skill development.

Do I need to purchase USSS and NYSSRA memberships?

If your child is racing in any U10 - U18+ races, yes - both memberships are required.

If your child is in our development program, no - you do not need USSS or NYSSRA memberships.